14 October 2008

Which is Right?

Not long ago,I received an email from one of my old friend, asking me how to choose a better person for her life. A better man, a right man, a prince charming and a soulmate. She said he know this guy who is really sweet and good to her. After went out with him for few months, she somehow accidentally met her previous friend. A male friend who used to be good to her too. Now she dilemma to choose between that guys.

As she wants some opinion and advice from me. I give some advice and the way of my thinking towards her dilemma.

They are;

1. Pray. First of all pray to God. Ask Him what best for you. Ask for guidance and blessing.

2. Don't rush. Give yourself sometime. Don't too rush to make the decision to choose between them.

3. Stick to one. I mean if the current boyfriend is really already too good for you, why you should left him just because the other look more nice. No, this is not encouragable. Remember, you cannot get all what you want. Both you should build the happiness together.

4. Praise to God. Praise to God and thank God you found him. Take him for what he is.

5. Do happy things together. Do happy things together and try to remember it for all of you life. As you in happy state, there is no time for you to look other guy. Same as him.

6. Choose from your heart. Follow you heart. If things happen that you have to choose between them, you must know which one is really want you. I mean who are really want you to be his best person in his life. The one who respect you and of course loves you as well treat you well. He accept you as who you are and willing to lead you to a better person or better life and a kind of who thinks religion is very important. This guy should be in.

7. Don't be too choosy. You know what is its' effect to you if you do so.

So these are all what I gave her. There are many more but i didn't have time to write it all. However, i mentioned to her that this is not a guarantee what best for her. These are just a guide. If things workout because of these advice, i myself am very happy for her.

Time will reveal. Back to basic. It's all in God's hand. We should follow His way. He will guide us.

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