23 October 2008

Marriage Helps Your brain

Yesterday i read one interesting article from msn. It's about relationship and marriage. To make it short, here i share with all of you what make me feel it is interesting.

How Marriage Helps Your Brain
by Thomas Crook, PhD, Prevention

1.Take dancing lessons
The combined physical and mental challenge is a great brain workout.

Watch movies and discuss the plot and characters
Research shows that men and women use different areas of the brain when viewing films, resulting in different perspectives and insights.

3.Throw a party for a diverse group and then debrief each other the next day
Areas of the brain involved in learning and memory can be stimulated by social interaction, and you may be surprised at how differently the two of you interpret the evening's party politics.

Learn a language together
Gradually incorporate new words and phrases into your conversations. Or sign up for Merriam-Webster's "Word of the Day." It's a free service (
m-w.com) that delivers the definition and origin of a new word via e-mail each day.

Take on a home project to learn each other's skills
There is no reason a wife can't rewire a lamp or, speaking from experience, a husband can't learn about wall colors other than white. At the very least, learning new skills together gives you and your spouse something to talk about other than the kids and work.

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