09 July 2018

Kiki The Cat

We adopted a cat on May 2018. And my son gave a name, Kiki. I have been thinking to adopt a cat for my son as a pet since last year. But we cannot do that as we were living in an apartment and pet is not allowed. I posted a status on my facebook about adopting a cat. A yoga class friend approached me with her kittens by sending me photos of her kittens and i was really interested with Kiki's color. So i decided to bought Kiki from her. Sylvia said she will send to me this kitten when he reached 2 months old, because by this age he would wean from her mother. He was well trained to pee and poo in a litter box so it was easy for me. Because this is my first time adopting a cat. And i know nothing about a cat. So every now and then i will update Kiki's condition with her and will ask things like food, grooming, vaccination etc.

My son was the one who is really excited and always play with Kiki whenever he is at home especially when he came back from school.

Now that it is almost 2 months Kiki staying with us, the home feels alive with the existence of this cat in our house. Kiki is only a kitten but because of his breed was a mixed of Maine Coon and Persian, his size is quite big for his age.

Kiki is very active and playful. He got big eyes and soft orange color fur. His behavior is like a hunter because every things that are moving, he will slowly make a move to catch that moving thing. It was funny and all these characteristic seems new for me. And now i am thinking to adopt another cat haha..

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