25 May 2018

Moved to a new house

Most importantly, a very good news to us. We have been living in an apartment for almost 10 years. And I'm dying to move to a landed house. Living in an apartment on the highest floor without elevator. I am sick of climbing up those stairs every day. And of course especially to our special boy. He gets bored and likes to move around. So when he came back from school every day he would cry and will seek for attention. It is better for him to move freely and play outside like cycling or something like that to channel out his energy because he is one active boy. Now that we are already moved to a new house, I am so grateful. New place, new environment, and our son is much happier now. 

Well, i have to end this post here now. Will continue later. I have to cook for lunch before picking up my boy.. See ya!

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