09 May 2011

Mother's Day..

Mother's day celebration this year is simple enough.. We celebrated it at home with family. I bought chocolate cake and a gift to my mom.. and we had dinner at my parent's home. I am very grateful that i still have my mom today and to spent time with her on this special day (Mother's day).. It must be really meaningful thing to her for us as her daughters/sons to gathered altogether during this occasion.

So how about your Mother's Day celebration?..

I was really touched when dear hubby wish me 'Happy Mother's Day'.. Honestly i never thought of it or even expected of it.. Haha..lupa suda yang nda lama lg sya jadi mama..:P
 It was very sweet of him..


  1. disebabkan sangat jauh ibarat duk kat iceland maka hanya ucapan dan doa yang disampaikan...hihi

    happy mother days..

    stella pon bakal jadi ibu bukan..ouh sudah jadi barangkali.

  2. You are indeed a mommy suda bah. Cuma baby ko masih dalam 'katung' ko hehe...

    Take care dear

  3. happy mother's day to u too bah stella :)

  4. Happy mother's day stel! so sweet of your hubby. :D

  5. Ghost writer:
    Thanks..:) Bakal jadi ibu..

    Ya kan.. u r right :)

    Thanks NC..same to u

    Thanks Just.. same to u..:)

  6. stelle sa punya Mum day biasa ja ni..sa call mum sa dari kk ja hu hu tidak gima dapat balik kg ni

  7. Beaty:
    Ok ba tu.. asal kan ko ada wish mom ko.. :)


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