03 September 2009

Sharing is Caring..

Conchita is my Facebook friend.. she baked the cupcakes last night for today's breakfast.. i knew her through FB and we never met before..
As she put on her FB status that she would bake cupcakes..
With not really put my mind on it, i mentioned for a pic..
Then she said, she will do that if she do remember.

And it's unexpected.. She did posted her cupcakes pic particularly to my profile..
and they are only 9 of them (the cupcakes in the pic) with the caption
"Stella,siou got network problm smlm...x dpt upload hehe,ni ari bru tkirim ko ni marble cupcakes...ada 8biji lg,ingat jg sa sma ko kan..(dui ba tapun2)..."

I feel so touched and I really appreciate that...

Eventhough I couldn't put them in my mouth to have a taste, but by just looking at it..
i can feel the yummy things melt in my mouth..WOW..what an imagination i have..hehe..
Maybe I would have it someday.. she said she's not professional enough to market her
cupcakes..still a lot of thing to learn.. :)

Thanks Conchita for sharing with me that lovely cupcakes pic..
Eventhough it's a small matter, it means a lot to me..

It's not just the matter of sharing.. It's the matter of caring..
It's a friendship that grow in it..

It's not about what have you done to others..
It's about the way you make them feel..


  1. uiks, punya sadap tu chocolate cup cakes..ur soo lucky.
    truly,, sharing is also caring. :)

  2. uiii...sadap nya tu cupcakes stella...d mana ada jual tu? sy mau ooo

  3. hi nc..
    nmpk sadap kan hehehehe..sharing pic pun ckp la..hehe..

  4. Hi Mariell, thanks for visiting here.. ni kwn ba upload d fb sya..dia buat suka2 ja utk mkn drumah.. dia blm jual lg tu..hehee..dia ckp masi blm pro..


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