08 September 2009

People Changes..

This is some thinking..that I observed from people around.. a normal act in life..in human life..

People changes.. Yes.. it’s about those who think that they’re much more better than others. I was told by mom ever since I was small that don’t changes yourself or put yourself in that arrogant state when you’re already success in what you're doing.. I am grateful to have parents that really give me such a wonderful teaching of life and great impact in life. They always give examples of others (relatives,friends..etc) life about how their bad attitude finally making their life miserable..In the end of the day, they got their own reward..

Yes.. DO you believe this?.. I was told by mom that all good deed will received reward..and all bad deed will received reward too.. But it depends on what sort of reward is that.. And I believe that GOOD deed will receive GOOD reward, and BAD deed will receive BAD reward.. Only GOD can decide what sort of reward would HE give to them.. Can I say that?.. hehehe.. Amen!

People changes because they think now they’re the best than others. As before, I might say their life would be not in that good condition, they’re no different than others. However after received something good in life(promotion, good earning..etc..), now they pretend to be good but at the same time seeking for honour, begin to speak out loud trying to get attention, boasting about their so called great life covered by all that materialistic thought..

I wonder why they should act in this manner. Why they should changes so fast.. What is the BIG deal.. I bet they must be very proud of who they’re now.. A proud feeling is not a really wrong matter at all but if it blended with selfishness and boasting, I think this manner can’t be accepted at all.. We, human being are same level in the eyes of GOD.. and I didn’t surprise at all when some of people out there who really forgot GOD and putting they thinking more to materialistic way and MONEY..

I cannot say that MONEY is not important. Nowadays, financial is very crucial and everyone is chasing for MONEY to get a better life, to transfer their life to a much better state. But we’ll see where the MONEY will get them so far.. Is money really can buy happiness..? I mean a PURE happiness..

Well, yes... I agree that money can give you happiness.. YES..happiness on earth.. But for me, MONEY can give you happiness on earth, GOD can give you PURE Happiness, PURE Love and inner PEACE..

So what are the definition of PURE happiness and PURE Love?..

Some of you might know and had these PURE happiness & PURE Love experiences..
That I leave it up to you... for you to think about.. :)

Be grateful for what you have received today..

Have a pleasant week.. GOD Bless.


  1. You are rite Stella.. stay the way we are. Be humble and wise. Mothers often say that and yet we feel bombared by those words but sooner we learn to appreciate them. Opppp.. nice blog too

  2. great sharing :)

    ya,,its a money craze world we're in. but dont let the $$$ make us crazy la kn.

    people change.everything can change. its hard to find someone who will stay true to themselves nowadays. but i guess,, with pray n a little faith, we'll find happiness and satisfaction with who we really are kn.

    uikss..ntah apa2 sa ckp tu.. hahaha
    but nyway..its cool to be just the way we are. :)

  3. Hi Dawn,
    thanks for visiting here..

    Agree..be humble and wise..of course at the end of the day, we'll appreciate our parents for being so Love to us by telling us those precious words kan..

    Have a nice day Dawn..:)

  4. Hi nc,

    hehe.. minat juga ko baca cerita sya ni aa..hehehe..
    sya geram ba ni..bnyk org jd rude, selfish and lupa diri lps berjaya..
    entah la napa la drg jd gitu..adeii.. sya pernah fikir jg, sya pun jd gitu ka kalau sya berjaya..cehhh.. jauh2..nda mau jd gitu o..haha!

    True, it's hard to find someone who stay the same kan nc..hihi.. Pray..yes, tht's true..and keep tht faith strong.

    Betul ba pa ko ckp tu nc..hehe..jan ko risau..:P


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