07 January 2014

Being Healthy is Part of 2014 Resolutions

My late afternoon snack yesterday. Banana-Strawberry-Blackgrapes smoothie. So delicious and simple to make. You just blend all the fruits together with any type of low fat unsweetened milk or maybe if you don't have milk, you can use 1 cup of water. I always used unsweetened soya or almond milk.

It's refreshing and healthy. I fell in love with smoothie since November last year when my hubby bought me a classic blender.  Until the very this day i still consume green smoothie and fruit smoothie.

I found this green tea at Tesco today and bought it. I intended to drink green tea since last year but didn't manage to buy it.

Now that i bought it, i'm going to drink it regularly. Found out it is so good for health.

Green tea increases metabolism, helps regulate glucose levels, reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, consists of antibacterial & antiviral that helps to inhibit many diseases from influenza to cancer, and green tea good for skin too.

I'm going to take care more of my health for this new year. This is one of my new resolutions of 2014.

I'm so blessed to have a supportive husband. He is going to provide me with any things he could. I appreciate his effort and of course, we're going to build a healthy family.

Not only consume healthy food and to avoid any food that harmful for health, regular exercise and yoga are part of my resolutions too, to maintain body shape and i wish to get toned body by the end of this year. 

Wish Me Luck! :)


  1. this year baru 2 kali sa minum smoothies ni.. selalu pagi la sa minum..

    aiya tu green tea mcm sedap o.. siok kalau minum tuang air panas ja ni tanpa gula

    1. Ya sedap tu green tea betty..minum panas2 and yes tanpa gula

  2. good luck! ya saya pun mo sihat2 ja ..mo mkn sihat2 n amalkan gaya hidup sihat..:)

  3. Good luck and all the best! hihi last year (eh mcm lamaaa sdh haha) sya baru bljr2 minum green tea..sedap tp malangnya x ngam sama sya..gastrik trus..haha

  4. All the best! My intention to get close to yoga seems very distance now haha

  5. ehhh...how u post ur dayre into blogger? ka copy paste jak?

  6. been wanting to do yoga, i've even bought a yoga mat but now my cats use it for scratching, i haven't even started doing yoga. haha. im so not motivated. but reading this makes me motivated again. hehe. ^^

  7. Hi there Stella. Wah, sy jeles oh see u do yoga pose. Hehe.. Lama sudah sy pinjam buku yoga tapi tiada jak masa mo belek.


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