25 February 2013

More Pics of LBLG

Here are another pictures of our last LBLG. I don't have much pictures as I was using iphone only that time. I forgot to bring my camera haha.. 

Most of my pictures were blur and got noise. So I share with you here the least I got for you to view. :)

So, it's a lesson for me. Next time i must put my camera in handbag the night before. Kalau tidak, lupa lagi lah tu haha.. 

Or i'll just have to bring along my "photographer". Just like Wyne the other day hehe.

Ok, that's it for now. 
Waiting for the posts and pictures from Wyne, Just and Jue. :D


  1. sia suka pic no 3.. semua becekak pinggang! :D Ba my pics bisuk up! :D

  2. heheh..ya pic no.3 cantikk...I loike...:-)

  3. Terang jga bah ni gambar2 ko :) Sia pun suka no.3 hehe...

  4. Even with iPhone, I think the pictures are decent...tapi pics yg ada palang-palang tu macam dalam penjara oo..hehe

  5. Cantik bah ni gambar semua. Paling sa suka tinguk our 'sweet honesty' dalam ni gambar. ;)

    1. The only yg inda honest ma saya was, I sucked my tummy hhahaha...

    2. Edith, bukan ko saturang seja, sya pun bah..haha!

  6. semua hebat2 o ngan cheongsam..:)


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