04 May 2010

Unforgettable Weekend

We are in the month of May now.. Time flies really fast not as I imagine. That is the reason why it is really nice to fill our life with happiness and unforgettable moment. Cherish every moment we had and make all those around us happy and easy. As written in my last post, one word : Excited. That was the moment when I was waiting to go for a short vacation with my family. You can call it a short weekend trip.. Indeed yes, it was a short weekend vacation though. I was so excited because it feels that it has been long time since my last vacation.

It was last Saturday, 24th April 2010. I went to Kundasang after work since it was half day work for Saturday. Even though it took nearly 2 hours to reached there since it was quite traffic congestion and a little raining, I never felt tired at all. As the excitement worked up all in my mind while I was driving up to the place of Kundasang, imagining the place where most of us know that, it is known well with its cool, breezing wind and nice place giving me full of energy to be there.

For the record, this was the first time I went to Zen Garden Resort, the place where we stayed for a night. So, I keep imagine how is the place.. After all, for sure you will amaze by the scenery of Mount Kinabalu and how you're being so grateful and proud to be born in Sabah. The weather absolutely different from KK, the weather is cool with fresh air plus mesmerizing scenery especially in the morning and evening. We stayed in a lodge where it’s more like a house with 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen. You can cook for lunch, dinner and breakfast. A barbeque equipment also provided there.

For those who never been in Zen Garden Resort before, I suggest you go for vacation there together with family or loved one. Experience it yourself.. It is absolutely suitable place to release some stress and let your mind feel the relaxation far from traffic and busy life in KK city. Besides, it can grow your relationship bond become closer between each other. It is the most precious thing of spending time together in vacation.
For more info about Zen Garden Resort place and rates, please click here.

Here are some of the pics taken at Kundasang..

-Mount Kinabalu view from Zen Garden Resort-

-We, the family-

-Behind us, the Mount Kinabalu-

-At Kundasang War Memorial, about 10-15 mins from Zen Garden Resort-

- I love those pine trees around Zen Garden-

-Absolutely, a place to remember...-


  1. Nice place..will visit there someday!.. :)

  2. Nice place, nice scenery, nice weather.. definitely we will be coming back there dear.. :)

  3. Lily80: hi Lily..u should..:)

    Richard: yes, dear..definitely..:)


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