01 September 2021

Another Beautiful Soul

Another beautiful soul has gone forever.

She was very warm, sweet, generous and super multitalented woman. I have known her through blogging too. I still remember she generously sent me vegetable seeds and flower seeds via mail because we shared the same interest in gardening. She lived somewhere in KL, while I am here in KK. Although I have never meet her in person, her generosity touched my heart. And her multitalents in baking, painting, sewing, gardening and blogging always inspired me.

Now I have lost two fellow blogger friends (if you have read my previous post, you'll noticed). It was really a sad situation, but we all know, God loves them more. I am sure they are in a good place now.

Dear Cath, you must be in a good hand now. I know you must be resting in God's house. Thank you for the good memories. I will always remember your generosity and how talented you are. You were one of friend that I always searching for inspiration. You are the definition of strong woman and never give up. You'll be missed forever. Rest in peace.

30 August 2021

I am Vaccinated


                                                   I have completed Covid-19 vaccination. 

The 1st dose was on 30 July 2021. To be honest, during the process of injection, I didn't feel anything. It was a fast process. And thank God, there was no side effect. I can feel my arm a bit sore at the part of where the injection took place (only for 1 day), other than that overall was ok.

The vaccination took place at KDCA, Penampang. I must say I was lucky because the process was very smooth. Only few people queuing up during the vaccination process. Even though the vaccination includes up with those who were also taking the 2nd dose. My only concern was, if there were too many people queuing up, chances of the Covid-19 virus to spread out might be high. Praise to God , everything was fine.

While the 2nd dose was taken on 20 August 2021. I have been experiencing a side effect from the 2nd dose though. I felt painful on my joints and the whole body felt tired. I have to lie on the bed the whole day. Thanks to my husband willing to take care of the kids. The side effect lasted for a day only. Thank God. The next day I able to do daily activities as usual.

Towards herd immunity. I have done my part. Have you done yours?

27 August 2021

Beautiful Soul

Did I mentioned in my last post that I have lost friends and relatives this year?..

It was devastating a friend that've I known for years has gone forever. She was our fellow blogger too. During the years when we all, the circle of blogger friends actively updating our blogs. I still remember that this friend was so close. She was a cheerful person. We met in person few times, regularly chit-chats through FBs and Whatsapp. You can't tell she's sick. When in fact actually she was battling with cancer. 

She never tell anyone that she is sick or even her sickness become worse. She always happy and cheerfully type of person. She was strong like that and always stay positive. It was very very sad that she leaves us without saying good bye. It was really fast. I cried. Really really heartbreaking. In addition, this pandemic season, you cannot simply come and visit to pay last respect. What a sad situation.

Beautiful soul. That's how I remember her. 

Dear Just, 

I know you are resting well now up there. Thank you for the beautiful memories. I am glad that we had become friends and to know you is a blessing. A beautiful soul, strongest and positive women I've ever known.

26 August 2021

The Year 2021

It has been 3 years. I haven't up any entries in this blog. There were so much things happened throughout these 3 years. 

This year itself, I received so much devastated news. Lost few friends and relatives. The year where we were fighting with the pandemic Covid-19. In fact, the pandemic started last year somewhere in January to February (in Malaysia) and the government have to enforced lockdown to the whole nation in March 2020. Many of the citizens lost their jobs. The small business also affected, some of the businesses were closed down. School also closed down. Many of us have to work from home. Kids learn through online class.

Many also lost their life because of the Covid-19. Just two days ago, I received news from my sister in-law that our aunty who lives in Kepayan has died from Covid-19. She suffered from kidney failure and runs dialysis regularly. Getting worse after infected with Covid. And passed away at quarantine centre.  

Life is so fragile. When i see the numbers of those who loss due Covid-19. In a blink of eyes. Today you are here with friends and family, tomorrow gone without saying good bye. It is depressing just the thought of this.

Therefore please treasure the relationship you have with your family. Spend more time with them. Especially during this pandemic era, please follow the SOPs strictly. Take care of yourself and your family, always practice hygiene and stay at home if there is no urgent things to do outside. And most importantly, please get vaccinated. It's free. One of our effort to fight the deathly illness. If you are not doing it for yourself, do it for your loved ones. They deserve it.

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