01 September 2021

Another Beautiful Soul

Another beautiful soul has gone forever.

She was very warm, sweet, generous and super multitalented woman. I have known her through blogging too. I still remember she generously sent me vegetable seeds and flower seeds via mail because we shared the same interest in gardening. She lived somewhere in KL, while I am here in KK. Although I have never meet her in person, her generosity touched my heart. And her multitalents in baking, painting, sewing, gardening and blogging always inspired me.

Now I have lost two fellow blogger friends (if you have read my previous post, you'll noticed). It was really a sad situation, but we all know, God loves them more. I am sure they are in a good place now.

Dear Cath, you must be in a good hand now. I know you must be resting in God's house. Thank you for the good memories. I will always remember your generosity and how talented you are. You were one of friend that I always searching for inspiration. You are the definition of strong woman and never give up. You'll be missed forever. Rest in peace.


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